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How It Works



PLANNED FLEET works on the simple premise that when a scheduled maintenance event is completed it creates the next event based on a set of rules individual to the vehicle that has been worked on.

By doing this PLANNED FLEET automatically plans future maintenance events.

Yearly Planner


Regulatory bodies often require that a fleet operator have a plan for maintenance of their fleet for at least the year ahead.

Planned Fleet because it creates a new booking when a scheduled repair is completed can produce a Dynamic plan as above.

Planned Fleet also has a report to show any vehicles that are not included in the plan. This normally means that a scheduled repair has been missed or has not been completed yet.  

Repair Categories

Repair Types.JPG

Repair Types are divided into four categories. 

1) Seven Scheduled events 

2) Three user defined Scheduled    events.

3) All Other Repairs which are all other repairs. these are divided into Defects, Tyres and accidents.

4) Rental Vehicles. Records costs of both replacements or long term rentals 

Service Due Report


PLANNED FLEET includes a Service Due report.

This report works on the monthly/weekly input of the speedometer reading of each vehicle on the fleet.

As PLANNED FLEET is date driven this report identifies vehicles which, because of their usage, will need to be service before their planned date.

When the service is completed there is an opportunity to change the individual vehicles chassis record to change the frequency of when it requires servicing by date.

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