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PLANNED FLEET is designed for the small to medium operator to manage their fleet effectively.

Planning scheduled maintenance and resolving vehicle defects is good management practice.

Preventative maintenance cuts down on costly breakdowns and reduces costs in the long run.

Planned Fleet is a Microsoft Access Database Application that helps do all that and more. You do not need Microsoft Access only a PC and a Scanner

The easy way to manage your fleet and keep Compliant.

> 14 Day Planner

> Service Due by Kms

 28 Plus Reports

> Yearly Planner

> Maintenance Histories

> Cost Per Mile by Vehicle

Planned Fleet
Easy Fleet Management
Downloadable One Time File
€ 500
Billed in EURO

Management of

> Walk Around Checks

> Defect Management

> Invoice processing

> Scheduled Maintenance

> Rental Vehicles

> Safety Complience MOT

> Road Tax

> Vehicle Availablity

> Cost Per Vehicle

> Last Speedo Reading

> Missing Invoices

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